Friday, February 13, 2009


This one is a Hindi remake of a Tamil movie which in turn was inspired by Memento. Don't know at which point did someone fuck up, but this film was extremely painful to get through - some three hours of Aamir Khan acting like Rowan Atkinson on steroids. The Polaroid camera + the tattoos on the body were the only resemblance to the original inspiration. There was some decent action in the movie - predictably in the usual "punching bag" style - keeps going on and on.

Rating: * +

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Jose Sinclair said...

too funny! the Rowan Atkinson comment... this was two films, wasn't it? hated the fake-memento part, but enjoyed the light romance half as a pleasant "mgm-style" musical! I'd like to see the copycat memento portions stripped out... but then you're left with a Sandra Bullock/Jennifer Aniston style comedy..

far too long, 185 minutes!