Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mumbai Meri Jaan

July 11th, 2006 saw seven bombs explode in the space of 11 minutes on various suburban trains in Mumbai. July 12th saw the common man in Mumbai look at life in his city through different lenses.  It is this chilling aftermath and the ensuing media mongering that this film focuses on.

When the aam junta are played by folk like Irrfan Khan and Madhavan the effect is telling. Irrfan says little in his role of a Tamilian living in Mumbai but like always he doesn't need to. As angry young man, Kay Kay Menon makes a comeback to acting in this film as he grabs the screen like he did in Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi. But the man who dominates the film is a very svelte Paresh Rawal in a soon to retire policeman's guise. The only weak link is Soha Ali Khan trying desperately to cut a sorry pensive figure. Nishikant Kamat is the man holding the threads of the film and for a refreshing change none of the threads meet or interesect. A film that truly reflects life...

Rating: * * * *


wenerd said...

we watched it yday on neks behest. he wanted to unlock the reason behind the near civil war. well, can safely say that paresh rawal was top dog. irfan khan was cool, and so was Kay Kay M, who i must mention has a now growing fan base here in red dot. you will hear more from nek on this. and i hope that zen gets hold of this dvd.

Kogi Kaishakunin said...

I was quite shocked by how thin Paresh Rawal has become. But brilliant acting. I love that "Tere mann me ek art film chal raha hein" scene.

I think the film is a tad too heavy and Desi art house for Zen. (I don't mean this facetiously. It is just the way it is.)