Thursday, December 31, 2009


Tetro is Francis Ford Coppola's first original screenplay since The Conversation some 30 years ago. And Coppola yet again demonstrates his effortless ability to tell a story, that not many can match. Tetro (Vincent Gallo) is the older brother who walks out on his family and settles down in the bohemian district of Buenos Aires dealing with demons of various kinds. Out of the blue Alden Ehrenreich, who plays the younger brother Bennie, comes calling to reconnect with his prodigal brother. Bennie realises that demons don't come for free, especially if it involves their very famous father. However, he decides to stubbornly hang on to discover the truth and potentially destroy the both of them. Shot largely in B&W and along with a haunting music score, the film captures all the darkness that Tetro inspires.

The film has ensured that Buenos Aires & the Patagonia mountains moves into the 'must visit' list. Also finally got to watch Vincent Gallo in real "action" (the infamous action scene from one of his earlier films being the first).

Rating: * * *

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