Monday, May 10, 2010

Away we go

"Sometimes I wonder if we are fuckups"

Sparked by the impending birth of their child and sudden emigration of Burt's parents to Belgium, the mid-30s something couple decide that they need to get out of their student hut type existence in the wilderness and move to a larger city. And organise their adult lives. 

Burt and Veron embark on a road-trip visiting friends / relatives in different cities hoping to find the ideal model of adulthood to adopt. But they come across alternate philosophies & every day problems of everyday relationships that seem to intimidate them - which enables the couple to meander towards their eventual destination. 

The plot does appear unrealistic, a bit smug, a bit too sweet - but its what I would call a humorous fantasy movie. That said, it was funny, youthfully entertaining and with a lot that one could related to, fuckups that we are.

Rating: * * *

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