Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Devils on the Doorstep

Jiang Wen writes, directs and stars in this satirical tragic comedy set during World War II at the time of the Japanese occupation of China. A couple's lustful romp is rudely interrupt by the arrival of two prisoners in gunny sacks led by a gun toting mystery man. The command under gunpoint is to safeguard and interrogate them before he returns. One is a macho Japanese soldier bent on dying and the other a Chinese working as a translator for the Japanese. Set in a small country village in China, the film centers around the plight of the villagers and their attempt to deal with this bizarre situation. Grave as the scenario is, Wen figures out a way to bring the pun out in the situations. However when there are Japanese involved during tricky times one always must brace for the dark side.

Rating: * * *

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