Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Girl Who Played with Fire

The film loosely picks up from where Girl with the Dragon Tattoo left off. Lisbeth Salander is seen vacationing off of her pickings from the Wennerstorm fortune. She has disappeared from the lives of her Swedish friends especially that of Mikael Blomkovist. He is busy setting up his next expose of a sex trafficking ring with help from a young journalist and his girlfriend. When the couple is found murdered and Salander is accused of the killings, Blomkovist is again in the eye of the storm.

Director Daniel Alfredson has liberally cut out swathes from Steig Larson's book. His handling of a certain fight scene which is amazing portrayed in the book lacks any sort of punch. But yet the film makes for a complete and thrilling experience. 

Rating: * * *

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Jess said...

Wow - I didn't even know the second book was made into a film already. Thanks for your review. Looking forward to seeing it.