Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Delhi in a Day

Jasper (Lee Williams) floats in to a upper class uber rich home of his father's friend in the capital of India. Apart from the family, welcoming him are the "chottus" and the household staff that keep the place humming. Attraction and sparks fly between the firang and the lady help, Rohini (Anjali Patil), though it is a one way street for the foreigner. In midst of the attraction, sight seeing and the preparation for a party, Jasper's money goes missing much to the chagrin of the host. The servants are put on notice to replace the money within a day. Here lies the crux of the movie as first time director Prashant Nair tries to expose the difference in socioeconomic conditions of the two classes of people living under the same roof. But strangely what it actually brings to the forefront is whether happiness or contentment can be met by the less affluent. 

Rating: * * +

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