Saturday, August 09, 2014


The film is Dustin Hoffman's directorial debut as he drags a West End play onto the big screen. It centers around an old age home (as we would call it in India) populated by retired musicians. The plot centers around Reg, Wilf and Cissy who were part of a famous quartet. The home is falling on tough times that they hope to recoup from the sale of tickets to the yearly gala. But death and lack of participation is posing a problem. This is when Jean Horton, the last member and Reg's ex-wife arrives on the scene. Sparks fly and old people quarrel like children as the film proceeds down often visited paths.

The only bit of interest is that most of the supporting cast in the retirement home are played by actual retired musicians. There was an apparent dispute in the music circles over this film and The Late Quartet given the latter is all played by actors and their musical talents are minimal. While I agree Christopher Walken and Philip Seymour Hoffman might not look natural with a string instrument but damn can they act. This film in spite of all the real musicians makes one wish Mr. Hoffman kept to acting and left this to be a West End play.

Rating: * +

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