Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Midnight After

The Chinese title's literal translation is "That midnight, I got on a red public light bus that headed from Mong Kok to Tai Po" and is based on a web novel called "Lost on a Red Mini Bus to Taipo". Given the titles one should expect to be in for a bizarre journey and you will not be disappointed. Seventeen passengers clamber on a bus which delivers them in to a post apocalyptic Hong Kong. Unsure as to what the hell is going on, you quickly get involved with characters as they try to unravel the situation they are in. You are treated to some over the top horror laced comedy that leaves you cringing and laughing. But as the final destination comes closer you realize that the plot is quite empty and disappointing. Or it is going to take some doing to get on the same wavelength as Fruit Chan.

Rating: * *

Poster licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

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