Friday, December 19, 2008

Shine a light

Another eulogy on one of his favourite bands that Martin Scorsese films for posterity. Shot at the Beacon Theatre, NYC in 2006 during their A Bigger Bang Tour - is not an attempt to understand the Stones. Its a concert film - puts on the big screen the act that they are - old Jagger's energetic strutting, the mad staid presence of Charlie Watts, guitaring ability of Ron Wood's and ofcourse, the enigma that is Keith Richards. The focus on Keith Richards makes one realise that what a farce the hollywoodisation of the man was.

There are some snippets of interviews from the past - again not to understand, but to demonstrate how they are the same after all these years and dollars. There are some guests on show - Jack White definitely seems intimidated, Christina Aguilera does a competent job doing her number but the best is when Buddy Guy comes on - where their respect and awe is obvious for the might of Buddy. Brilliant. Only watch if you like the Stones.

Rating: * * *

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