Thursday, December 18, 2008

You, Me and Dupree

This one is all about Owen Wilson. Couple of things actually - the first bit I came across before watching the movie: an open letter from Steely Dan to Luke Wilson complaining about his brother & the title of this movie. The second: one realises during this movie, as to why Owen tried committing suicide almost a year later i.e the unexpected presence of the great cyclist - who stole Owen's girl-friend a few months after this movie. And yes, don't bother watching this movie, if you like comedy.

PS: while researching this movie, came across this other open letter from Steely Dan to Wes Anderson. Seemingly pissed off at his soderberghesque relationship with Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman. Walter and Don come across as surly, opinionated drunkards, like many of us.
Rating: * +

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