Wednesday, April 15, 2009

City of Men

TV Series
Fernando Meirelles spun this Brazilian series from his deadly flick, City of God. The settings and characters are similar, juxtaposing the life in a favela against the backdrop of gangsters and poverty. The camera trails two gawky kids, Acerola (Douglas Silva) and Laranhinja (Darlan Cunha) and their coming of age in this harsh surroundings. I was strangely reminded of Malgudi Days when the boys end up in situation that kind of parallel those that Swamy found himself in. But then someone would casually walk by with a gun shoved into his trouser and the illusion would end there. In spite of that the series is light hearted and has a streak of humor running through.

The film takes off with Acerola and Laranhinja about to turn 18. But the unlike the series the mood here is more darker and the violence seen in City of God creeps into the characters and storyline as the young men find themselves helplessly being sucked into the vortex of a gang war.

Rating: * * *


Jose Sinclair said...

I loved City of God - maybe all-time top 10 for me; directing, cinematography, editing - all brilliant!

I've been intending to watch City of Men as well and I think I'll now move it to the top of my queue.

Kogi, I like your fave films picks, the ones I've seen (Shawshank, City of God, Pulp, Platoon, F.Club - the US ones), so I'm gonna check out the ones I haven't seen as well: Kireedum, Nayakan, Anantharam, Pen-ek..

Interesting: my ex-fiance (a rock singer) used to single Neil Young and Jim Croce live (best Time in a Bottle I've ever heard)! -you would have fallen for her as well based on your music..

ps - check out my top 100 at - I'm sure you'll like most of my picks that you haven't seen.

.. Jose ..

Kogi Kaishakunin said...

City of God is a downright amazing film. Don't expect that kind of standard from City of Men.

I fell out of my chair after reading your comment about your ex-fiancé. :-) But you are right... I most probably would have fallen for her. Time in a Bottle is my all time favorite Croce song.

Your top 100 is very cool. My queue is going to get even more crowded.
Check out the *** and above movies on my blog. I am sure you will find a few of interest.