Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Woman on the Beach

Director Jung-rae (Seung-woo Kim) has run into the writers block, working on the script of his next film. To get over it he decides to head to a beach resort. He drags his friend, Chang-wook (Tae-woo Kim) along with him. Chang-wook's flame, Mun-suk (Hyun-jung Go) also tags along. Jung-rae like many of Sang-soo Hong's protagonists is a complete jerk which of course prompts Mun-suk to feel attracted to him. They jump into bed and the minute Mun-suk turns away, Jung-rae tries to repeat the encounter with another woman (Seon-mi Song). All the while he searches for that elusive script.

The film is well directed and filled with wry cynicism but there is nothing new forthcoming in this film when compared to Hong's prior films. He continues to harp on the fact that women have a tendency to fall for unmitigated assholes. Hong needs to get over that and move on.

Rating: * *

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