Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Prachya Pinkaew latest Tony Jaa like protege is JeeJa Yanin. She plays Zen, an autistic girl who has amazing motor memory. All she needs is to see an action and she can replicate it with ease. Growing up in close proximity to a  Muay Thai gym and access to Pinkaew's Ong-Bak DVD causes her to turn into an amazing martial artist. So when her mother (Ammara Siripong) is in dire need for money to treat her cancer, Zen starts calling on her mother's debtors unleashes her fury.

If you go in expecting a repeat of Ong-Bak, you will be sorely disappointed. The stunts and actions sequences in the film are above par but JeeJa Yanin is no Tony Jaa!

Rating: * +

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