Sunday, July 24, 2011



The Spanish claimed that Delhi Belly had vestiges from an old 90’s flick from Spain. So the plan was made for the movie, chicken wings and other things.

Dumbo Konradin is engaged to a rich countess’s daughter and wears a multi-million dollar wedding ring. Weddings also mean bachelor parties with much debauchery. Konradin is dragged to a brothel by his friends who actually have more fun than him. Unfortunately for him, he ends up losing the ring up a prostitute’s ass. So like in Delhi Belly jewels are involved here too followed by insane number of underworld dons and their underlings. But like how a lot was lost in translation from Hindi much Spanish humor was missed. However thanks to this film many things in life will be “mui profesional” and sub-machine gun will always be somachigún.

Rating: * *

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