Monday, July 18, 2011

Delly Belly

Came into my radar after I had read about a song from the movie - on a chap called D K Bose. From the production room of Aamir Khan, Delhi Belly is yet another stylish Bollywood movie thats being churned out on a regular basis - capturing the escapdes of 3 urban young nothings. Not one of the pretentious self-discovery shit that films like these often are: like Rock On was or the new Abhay Deol/Hrithik Roshan movie. Lots of swearing, farting, shitting, passion, bullets flying around and comedy sequences that were, well, quite funny.

Rating: * * +


Kogi Kaishakunin said...

Bloody fellow, can't you even spell the capital of your nation correctly!

I saw it last night and was quite impressed. India cinema seems to have recently discovered funny heist movies. I think they are down the path of making a masterpiece along those lines very soon.

wenerd said...

must have been the antibiotics