Sunday, January 01, 2012

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Tinker tailor soldier spy

Smiley’s world beckoned and I shuddered. After an extended tryst with Sir Alec I was not sure if this world needed to be explored again through different lenses. I am glad I did. Gary Oldman plays Smiley with hint of Sir Alec and John Hurt takes on the mantle of Control. Benedict Cumberbatch effortlessly slips out of his Sherlock persona and in to the shoes of Peter Guillam as the hunt for the mole within the Circus (Britain’s MI6) is kicked off.

Comparisons with the BBC mini series is inevitable though hardly any movie reviews mention it. The BBC series gives the viewer time to dwell in this world and take in the events at a more leisurely pace. The film interestingly recreates the atmosphere much better as you find yourself transported to the Cold War era. The film packs in events and you are held tautly as you follow Smiley’s machinations to discover the mole.  

Rating: * * * +

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wenerd said...

I guess it is the BBC's version for me anytime. However, for a film over 2 hours, its pretty well done.