Tuesday, June 23, 2009


During the Shogunate era in Japan, the Emperor would send royal envoy's to the Shogun. Lord Asano, the daimyo of Ako, is appointed to receive the envoys. The etiquette for the ceremony is supposed to be passed down to him from Lord Kira, who is protocol official. But when Asano fails to bribe Kira, he is goaded in to striking him at the Shogun's residence. As a result Asano is made to commit seppuku and his clan is disbanded. His vassals, now all ronin, vow to take revenge.

Presented here is the legendary tale of the Forty-seven Ronin who go to great pains to avenge their lord's death. Chushingura means loyalty and the ronin are pure embodiment of that quality. A movie shot at a delibrate pace but is so mesmeric that you forget the world because of it's stillness.

Rating: * * *

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