Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Wednesday

The Mumbai Commisioner of Police, Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher), is jolted out of his skin when he receives an anonymous call from a man demanding the release of four Lakshar and Al Qaeda operatives. The consequences of not doing so would result in bombs being set off in different parts of the city. As the unknown man (Naseeruddin Shah) plays the police and media like puppets, they strain against the strings being pulled. With two of the finest thespians at the helm, the film with its backdrop of terrorism is one of the finest thrillers released in the Indian film industry!

Rating: * * *


wenerd said...

had heard great things about the movie before i saw it. whilst it was good, somehow felt it was a little underwhelming with regards to the total output. thought Black Friday was a better/tighter watch. apparently megalomaniac Kamal Hassan is remaking this. that surely would be a movie to miss.

Kogi Kaishakunin said...

Yes, Black Friday was definitely better. But then again history gave them the plot. But what impressed me was that it is rare that you see such films coming out from India. We have good artsy flicks but tight thrillers are non-existent.

wenerd said...

thats true