Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spider Lilies

The film magically appeared at my door step thanks to the Vietnamese pimp 'Nek'. The reason behind the unexpected gift was the supposed greatest kissing scene ever. So it was with much expectation that I slipped the DVD in...

Tattoos and "forbidden love" swirl around in this romantic drama from Taiwan. To add spice to her career, web-cam girl Jade is out looking for a tattoo which leads her to a body art studio. Conveniently the tattoo artist, Takkeko, turns out to be Jade's first love. Soon a cat and mouse game ensues between the two on Jade's website. Takkeko's past constantly places a spoke in the wheels. Further muddying the waters is a stuttering cop who also frequents the website in the process of collecting evidence against the web-cam girls for a raid. The plot line and premise for the film is original but the execution is contrived and the end result does not fit together aesthetically.

PS: The kissing scene did turn out to be the best scene in the movie :-)

Rating: * *

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