Monday, June 22, 2009


Beth (Sissy Spacek) and Charlie Horman's (John Shea) idyllic life in Chile (though the country is never mentioned in the film, it can easily be inferred) is shattered when a coup breaks out. As they struggle to deal with the violence erupting around them, Charlie mysteriously disappears. This invites the presence of his straight laced Christian scientist father, Ed (Jack Lemmon), from New York city. The father and daughter-in-law search in vain for their loved one while butting heads over politics and their divergent views on the US government. As the film progresses the subversive nature of the US involvement in Latin American countries is slowly revealed. A chilling reminder that nothing much has changed even today.
PS: The wikipedia entry for the film gives you good background on this true story.

Rating: * * +

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